I don’t know what carbs are

Okay, so I do know what carbs are, and I can generally pick out the major ones: bread, pasta, rice, bread…

via howtopaleodiet.com

via howtopaleodiet.com

But past that I’m really at a loss. I realized over the course of ¬†yesterday that the concept of giving up carbs is much more complicated than previously considered. I’m having some concerns about this. Is it like going gluten free? Can I have bread-like products but only if they’re gluten free?

Or is it just all things that are carbohydrates get cut out? Because that includes some fruits and vegetables which would be all kinds of confusing. I just don’t know! It’s an issue.

When I told my mom I was giving up carbs for Lent she was like:

Mom: Carbs is a good thing to give up. I am not sure I could do it. Six weeks no pasta no bread.

Me: Yup. I’m not really sure what a carb is in this situation tho.

Mom: Oh, you better figure it out. You can set your own parameters.

Which was of course, very un-helpful. Though I suppose she just means I can just pick what main carbs to not eat? Again, I have no idea.

But I guess for now, I’ll stick with bread, pasta, beer and white rice (the biggies) until I can figure it out with more clarity.

I didn’t think this would be so hard when I decided to pick it to give up for Lent!!


The Lenten Season

Ah yes, it’s that time of the year when many Christians bring up that annoying phrase: “I can’t, I gave it up for Lent.”

lent ecard


I will be joining those annoying people, by giving up carbs for most of the 40 days of Lent.

I say most. A friend of mine is coming up to visit and we’ve planned on going to this local brewery for a tour and well yeah. I’m allowing myself one day of beer and other carbs so that I can enjoy my friend being there with out making him worry about me not being able to taste with him.

Other than that I will be strong! No carb will pass my lips! I had my pancakes on Tuesday and I will have no more of that.

I’ve been binge eating so badly recently that this is a necessary evil for me. No carbs. I will do this. It will happen. Or at least I’m going to try to be very very good.

Also a part of my Lenten promises will be to exercise every day for at least 15 minutes a day and to track everything I eat with out fail.

This is hard for me because I’ve never been particularly good at keeping my Lent promises, but I figure with all the work I’m currently doing within my church, I should at least try to be better at it this year.

Anyway, this is me, putting it out there. Let’s see what happens.

Mini Goals, A Continuation

First, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent encouragement’s to me yesterday. It was really lovely to know that I wasn’t the only one in a funk with every thing and it was just really nice in general. So thank you.

I was so far in a funk that I even stopped taking my multi vitamins and other daily nutritional capsules that I’d been taking religiously since I started this. So instead of setting weight goals, I’m going to set mini goals for the next two weeks, because I think that not focusing on the whole picture for once might help me in getting this back on track.

These mini goals include:

  • taking multi vitamins and other capsules (once and twice a day where required)
  • stretching or walking for five minutes every hour (when appropriate)
  • thinking about the food before I pick it up
  • fewer sweet things should make their way into my shopping cart
  • drink more water, less alcohol
  • use the exercise machine at least three times a week (I’m starting small shut up)
  • Track food

Some of these, like the tracking and exercise, are long term mini goals, but I’m trying to change the culture of my life and to do that I’ve realized I can’t just will them to change. Otherwise I’d have willed off the weight ages ago and gotten a raise and found a man and had a baby.

Tragically, life doesn’t work that way. So, I’m re-starting (again) with mini goals and working forward from there.

not mine

not mine

C’est la vie.

Well Count Me Frustrated

So I won my mini challenge, I tracked every day, but I gained three pounds. Which is immensely irritating as I exercised quite a lot this past week and thought I ate fairly well.

Though, if I’m being totally honest I wasn’t exactly on plan this week regardless of tracking, but I thought I’d eaten well enough for it not to matter as much as it did.

For sure, my family’s Super Bowl party didn’t help.

Part of our Super Bowl Spread

Part of our Super Bowl Spread

But honestly, I don’t think I ate badly this week. And when I did, I ate lighter the next few days. I’m just frustrated because this doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I’m not losing but I’m exercising.

I’m at a loss of where to go from here, because I’m clearly doing something wrong. I donno. I mostly just want to go cry in a corner and not do anything.

The morning has barely started and I already want to crawl back into bed.

A mini tracking goal

I know logically, that tracking works. I do. And since I’m in week three of not loosing (or gaining!) anything, it’s time to start doing something different.

myparenthetical.com 7-Weight-Scale

myparenthetical.com 7-Weight-Scale

Because I’ve been exercising, I’ve made healthier choices (minus the cinnamon pie…) So something has to give.

I need to find the thing that I’m not doing that I should be doing and do it. And I’m pretty sure thats tracking.

But tracking is hard!! It’s all about accountability and I’ve never been very good at that… Excepting this blog, because for some reason I’ve actually being writing here quite frequently and felt pretty good about it.

Still! Tracking is hard and generally un-fun because you watch as that Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich you had for breakfast takes out 13 of your 36 daily points and then you have to re-evaluate what you’re doing for dinner because that sandwich you had at lunch destroyed another 15 points. So you’ve only got 8 points left over and half way through the afternoon you’re a tad peckish but there are no fruits around to satisfy so you have a 3 point bag of chips and then you’re screwed because the family decided to have pizza for dinner. One slice is all you get before you have to dip into those 49 weekly points that you were going to save for Friday night out with the girls.

Essentially I know what I can do to that scenario not happen on a daily basis. I know that I can make better choices and keep fruit on hand so I don’t have chips or crackers mid-day. And it’s not like I’ve been making the bad choices, I’ve eaten pretty heathily this last week, not that I can prove it because I didn’t track, but I did.

Why is it then, that if I track my weight goes down? Is it that hyper awareness of what you’re eating? I don’t really know. And honestly, I’d kind of like to.

But until some one explains it, I guess I’ll stick with it just works so just do it¬†for now.

Wednesday might be my WORST food day

Generally speaking I think I eat pretty healthfully. I eat my fruits and veg, I make sure I have my 8 glasses of water, I take my vitamins and I try not to eat a lot of bad things.

But for some reason Wednesdays are my bad days. I find that I eat more carbs and more fatty foods on Wednesday than on any other day of the week.

And no, it’s not because of this:

So, why is it the worst day you ask? Because its my editorial meeting and youth group.

The editorial meeting means that we order sandwiches from the place across the street and none of the choices are good choices. Not even the salads are good choices. So inevitably I go for the thing I think sound tasty-est. Today it was a Bacon Egg and Cheese on a hard roll. SO GOOD. Today also came with a french fry craving. Epically tasty, not so epic diet wise.

And youth group also usually means carbs. Because for some reason every parent thinks that the simplest thing to make for a group of six middle schoolers and two adults is pasta in some form. Be it with meatballs, meat sauce or in a creamy casserole. Rarely does a salad cross their minds. And if its not the parents making pasta, its the youth minister ordering pizza.

Now I really actually enjoy both of these things. I love getting together with the other members of my editorial team because its the only time in a week that I see them and I like talking shop to someone who actually gets why a drugs bust is so interesting to me. And I love working with the kids at youth group because they’re so much fun and full of joie de vivre. Plus I have a favorite. Which I really shouldn’t but she’s practically mini-me and I love her.

Plus, tonight we (the adults) might be going to the local bar afterward to discuss our woes and be adult like after two hours with pre-teens. Which means beer. Mostly because I’m not sure I trust myself with hard liquor and driving in the snow the strength of the liquor in that bar.

So at the end of today, its likely to have been a carb event. Which never really excites me because I’m more lethargic after a carb day than I am after a day I’ve eaten more roundedly. If that can be a word for a moment.

The worst part is that outside of packing two meals (lunch and dinner because I’m not usually home between my meeting and youth group) I’m not really sure what I can do to make Wednesday’s better for me. Let me know if you think of anything.

An ‘Eh’ Week Lies Behind

So, I lost a pound this week. Which is excellent, because all things considered I did not eat particularly well, nor did I track religiously. As witnessed below.

WW progress report screen shot

WW progress report screen shot

Lets just assume I ate things I wasn’t happy to track Thursday through Sunday nights. This includes but is not limited to my Chinese food addiction of Sesame Chicken and white rice and regular spaghetti and meatballs with a large quantity of french bread and butter.

This also includes the wine, beer and sake I drank and the ice cream I ate.

For me to have lost a pound despite all that is rather exciting.

But, I’m going back on the straight and narrow (we presume) this week now that my Mother is back home for the foreseeable future, I’m not alone in the never ending battle of weight loss!

It’s a new week and I’m a pound lighter. I’d like to keep that trend going.