Well Count Me Frustrated

So I won my mini challenge, I tracked every day, but I gained three pounds. Which is immensely irritating as I exercised quite a lot this past week and thought I ate fairly well.

Though, if I’m being totally honest I wasn’t exactly on plan this week regardless of tracking, but I thought I’d eaten well enough for it not to matter as much as it did.

For sure, my family’s Super Bowl party didn’t help.

Part of our Super Bowl Spread

Part of our Super Bowl Spread

But honestly, I don’t think I ate badly this week. And when I did, I ate lighter the next few days. I’m just frustrated because this doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I’m not losing but I’m exercising.

I’m at a loss of where to go from here, because I’m clearly doing something wrong. I donno. I mostly just want to go cry in a corner and not do anything.

The morning has barely started and I already want to crawl back into bed.


The Craving: A Stress Eating Story

This is a problem that I have, and of course today is Wednesday so everything is just slightly worse. Over the past two days,  due to mostly work related stress, I’m having seriously big “eat my feels” moments. Which generally speaking is a bad thing.

None of which is helped by the fact that it’s effing Wednesday, which as we all know is my worst day for foods.

I had a pretty decent breakfast, and generally avoided foods that were going to take me down a bad path, but then I had THE CRAVING.

I went into the kitchen to look for my normal go-to craving stopper, clementines only THERE WERE NO CLEMENTINES IN SIGHT. This is a problem. Because I wanted something sweet for which to satisfy my craving and those usually do it.

But with no clementines I had to go searching. I didn’t have a lot of time before I had to leave to go to my weekly meeting and I wanted something fast to hold me. And then I remembered: There was the last piece of cinnamon pie in the fridge. I ate it in seconds.

Then I tracked it (because its my mini goal this week).

Only problem: It did not satisfy my craving for long. Which can only mean bad things for later tonight. I’m seeing chocolate chip cookies or some other kind of sweet thing in my future along with the inevitable pasta dinner that is being prepared this evening for youth group.

Meanwhile, the trailer for The Fault In Our Stars came out. And if that just didn’t make me want chocolate and a glass of wine nothing does.

Lucky for me there exists nothing edible in my office. I was stuck with just the sandwich I had for lunch (sans fries – I was in a good place when I ordered) and tea.

But I’m still craving and I’m still stressed. I can’t even go to a barre class tonight to work it off like I did last night (which was an excellent plan btw). I’m tired and stressed out about the never ending list of things to do that just keeps getting stuff added to.

I want chocolate and I want it now. I want bread and carbs and sweet things. But I can’t. And it’s exhausting.

I need something that will fill the craving with out taking away too many points.

Clearly, I need to get like four boxes of clementines on the way home…

A mini tracking goal

I know logically, that tracking works. I do. And since I’m in week three of not loosing (or gaining!) anything, it’s time to start doing something different.

myparenthetical.com 7-Weight-Scale

myparenthetical.com 7-Weight-Scale

Because I’ve been exercising, I’ve made healthier choices (minus the cinnamon pie…) So something has to give.

I need to find the thing that I’m not doing that I should be doing and do it. And I’m pretty sure thats tracking.

But tracking is hard!! It’s all about accountability and I’ve never been very good at that… Excepting this blog, because for some reason I’ve actually being writing here quite frequently and felt pretty good about it.

Still! Tracking is hard and generally un-fun because you watch as that Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich you had for breakfast takes out 13 of your 36 daily points and then you have to re-evaluate what you’re doing for dinner because that sandwich you had at lunch destroyed another 15 points. So you’ve only got 8 points left over and half way through the afternoon you’re a tad peckish but there are no fruits around to satisfy so you have a 3 point bag of chips and then you’re screwed because the family decided to have pizza for dinner. One slice is all you get before you have to dip into those 49 weekly points that you were going to save for Friday night out with the girls.

Essentially I know what I can do to that scenario not happen on a daily basis. I know that I can make better choices and keep fruit on hand so I don’t have chips or crackers mid-day. And it’s not like I’ve been making the bad choices, I’ve eaten pretty heathily this last week, not that I can prove it because I didn’t track, but I did.

Why is it then, that if I track my weight goes down? Is it that hyper awareness of what you’re eating? I don’t really know. And honestly, I’d kind of like to.

But until some one explains it, I guess I’ll stick with it just works so just do it for now.

This Is My New Buddy

Everyone, say hello to the Daily Burn.

Screen shot of my Daily Burn page

Screen shot of my Daily Burn page

I found the Daily Burn in a Hulu commercial as I was siting on my ass not working. I thought, hey it sounds decent for a 30 day free trial so why the hell not. I’m now a week into this trial and I’m not going to lie. I kinda love it. Though, if I’m being honest, I skipped a day completely and just didn’t do it. I missed last Sunday, but made up for it by doing two of the exercise videos on Monday (which was all 10 kinds of awful actually.)

Part of the reason I love it is because I got to pick the kind of trainer I wanted and how long I could exercise for each day. I chose the ‘friend’ and 30 minutes. Justin (my coach and friend) is really rather lovely.  And he kind of hooked me the first night. I started this on a Friday night (the night I blogged this). It was a 27 minute low impact aerobics/karate lesson and I got 3 Activity points for it.

So far the work outs have varied in length from 15 minutes to 27 and I just really like this program. It’s a month long thing, so I’m going to give it some more time before I decide if I’m really going to keep the program and pay $10 a month for it. But so far so good. It’s easy and I can fit it into my day with out really thinking about it.

Mostly, I do this in the morning right after I woke up. I’ve got my yoga mat laid out next to my bed so I can just roll out and put on my sports bra (the ladies need extra support) and I just do it. It’s turned out to be the best method for me because of my sisters little “you don’t think about it if you’re mostly asleep” motto. (Which is still so irritatingly true)

I’m still trying to get my brother into a gym with me, so that’s not been particularly productive, but I have gotten better at doing the elliptical in the absence of going to the gym.

For some reason, I really feel like this endeavor into losing weight is really working this time. I’m paying better attention to the food I eat, taking the time to enjoy it and I’ve started putting a serious exercise routine into my daily life.

I think it’s the blog.

Mornings Are Evil

My mother and I just had a lovely chat in which we discussed the evils of getting up in the morning. The whole process is exhausting and generally un-fun.

One of the biggest problems for us is the creation of breakfast. I’ve never been a breakfast person, though the idea of it has always intrigued me. I mean, who doesn’t love pancakes, bacon and eggs?

Weird people, thats who.

But for my family, and I suspect many families, the mornings are complicated and irritating and generally packed full of stuff that is not fun and anxiety producing.

We have to exercise, feed the dogs, let them in, let them out, bring the bird down stairs, wash our hair, dry our hair, put make up on get, everything squared away for the day AND put together a breakfast that will sustain you till lunch time. By the time  you’re done with all of that you’re exhausted.

I’m a bit luckier than most, I work from home, but I do have a daily obligation at 10 a.m. so I have to be out of the house by a certain time so that I can get to it on time. So I’m on a time crunch myself (its a long one yes but its still there). And given my overwhelming desire to loose weight, getting breakfast in to my system has become a priority. Which kinda sucks as I generally actually hate breakfast. Unless its bacon, pancakes and eggs. But thats a diner thing and I’m simply not going to make that for myself.

So I’ve started drinking smoothies. Not always the most satifying thing in the world, but they do end up sustaining me through the normal snacking hours of mid morning.

(I’ve posted my recipe for my morning smoothies yesterday, which you can easily find here.)

They’re slightly time consuming, so I have to actually get up to make them, but they end up being worth it in the long run.


Recipie: Have a Smoothie on Me

My morning smoothie

My morning smoothie

Here is my base to my morning smoothie:

  • 1 cup of low fat greek yogurt (I use Yoplait 100 because they’re 2 points, and you can use any flavor)
  • 1 cup of unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 1/2 tablespoon of flax seeds
  • 1/2 tablespoon of chia seeds
  • 2 teaspoons of flax oil
  • 1 serving of whey protein powder (mine is 2 scoops for 3 points)

This base is 10 Weight Watchers points, which seems like a lot I know, but I swear it gets you through the morning.

To this base you can add any kind of fruit you want, I generally add frozen banana, strawberry, raspberry, black berry and peaches in different combinations depending on the type of yogurt I’m using.

It gets in your daily oil needs, a lot of the calcium and a lot of the fruit servings you need each day.

I don’t have a calorie count for those of you who do that, I’m sorry, I’ll work on getting that together for you when I have a chance.


Momma’s In It Now!

I have found that loosing weight while in my family’s house is best when my mother is also involved. She and I are the main cooks in the house and having her be on board with the Weight Watchers plan is always so much more helpful.

She helps keep me honest when I’m measuring (which I’ve been doing today) and she’s generally more energetic about starting. I’m the long haul person, but I need a starter to get to that point.

Momma is my starter. She always has been and I love that about her.

She and I are going to start the ‘Simple Start’ program that Weight Watchers has going, either today or early next week. I think it’s something we both need to do for our family. Basically, the only person who doesn’t really need to diet is my sister, but thats because she’s just better at eating and exercising than the rest of us. Though, to be fair Momma doesn’t really need to either. (There are five in my family – I’m the oldest child of three.)

Basically dieting is just easier when my mother is on program with me. And while her joining might not just be for me, I’m so happy that she’s doing this with me.

Also, I’m SO HAPPY the holiday’s are over. No more cookies showing up at my house and no more super heavy meals every week. This is actually wonderful. Is it awful to say that? I’m just tired of having to think about the meals.

Which contradicts what I said earlier about not worrying about eating ‘good food’. And I’m not, because I ate those meals with gusto and enthusiasm. But I’m happy to not worry about the meals and how its going to affect the end result.

The final big meal of the season was yesterday’s brunch. I didn’t really eat anything except that brunch. And I tracked it all by giving it my full 37 points of the day to it. Which meant the pizza we had for dinner was taken out of the weekly bonus points. I limited myself to two slices (small ones) and I had salad. Which is kind of a thing for me. I LOVE pizza.

But we’re getting off topic.

The other reason I’m glad the holiday meals are over with is because it means my mom isn’t worrying about them either. I think we both know how much my family loves ‘good’ food and wine and to have those big meals out of the way means we can go back to plan and pay attention to what kinds of food we’re eating and how much of it we eat.

Anyway, thats my thing for the day. Momma and I are on plan together and it’s a great thing for both of us.