The Body Mass Index

I’m not actually a huge fan of BMI numbers because they simply serve to make me feel bad about myself, but every so often I get curious as to what mine is according to the newest data and I generally hate myself for looking.

My BMI....

My BMI….

Here is my problem.

I don’t actually feel severely obese. I don’t feel like I look severely obese. I mean I feel fat sometimes, but I’m not obese. Not even my doctor said that I’m severely obese, and frankly I trust her more than this website calculator.

It makes me angry that these things exist because it makes those of us who need to shed a few pounds feel that we’re worse off than we actually are.

I cannot be alone in thinking that severely obese means 700 pounds and unable to move short distances with out possibly having a coronary.

Why is a 37.9 severely obese? I mean even when drop to my goal weight of 170, according to the BMI I’m still overweight. I would have to drop to 150 to get into the ‘normal’ weight range for my height, but at that weight I feel like I would look emaciated. But my family is historically ‘big boned’ and generally un-tiny.

This whole things bothers me intensely and I can’t see the benefit of focusing on the BMI. I only even looked this up today because I got a “top 6 ways to lose weight” from one of the web-zines I follow and I, being a masochist, decided to check out my BMI like they suggested.

Can some one explain to me the benefits of looking at BMI when everybody’s body is different and works differently? Because I can’t see it.


Temptation Is Everywhere


Some cupcakes in a diner I go to, that I desire greatly

It seems like everywhere I go there is something like cupcakes that tempt me. And, I  being the emotional eater that I am, makes all this temptation really difficult to ignore.

Today for example. I was pretty okay. But woes with work and my dogs brought me to a low, so when my brother (helpful man that he is) offered to pick me up a Black and White shake from the Shake Shack while he gets his lunch, I very quickly said “Yes, thank you” and devoured it in about three minutes after it made its way into my grubby little hands.

I’m not usually that bad at giving into temptation, though, I’m not the greatest either. But normally I can ignore a thing when it’s not in front of me. I can actually say, “No, please don’t get me the milkshake that is over 650 calories and roughly equals what I burn off in one exercise class.”

Not so much today. Today kinda generally sucks for a whole variety of reasons that I won’t actually go into because I’m not 100% sure that I want any opportunities for my complaining to get back to my company. Suffice to say I’m not a happy camper and getting the milkshake was the emotional equivalent of having a group hug with my mother and Bestie.

For the three minutes that it took me to inhale the damn thing.

This is me being accountable for the fact that yes, I did inhale a really caloric thing that did little to nothing for me, but I’m moving on from it.

I can’t feel guilty about it on top of everything else I’m dealing with today. I’m just going to move on and go to my barre class at 4:30 and feel better that way.

And maybe drink some extra alcohol tonight.

Well I’ve done it

Today I took advantage of two specials being offered by different studios in town and I signed up for classes.

I just spent $140 in a very short period of time. But considering they’re for unlimited exercise classes over the next 30 days I think I’m OK. As long as I  use them.

I even signed up for a class today, during regular work hours, which I’d never be able to do if I didn’t have an editor who gets it and I didn’t work from home. I also signed up for one tomorrow evening.

So, one was a $100 unlimited classes for the Bar Method studio I mentioned a few weeks ago. I’m still sore from that class but I really did love it. We’ll see if I still love it come next month and the renewal fee for unlimited classes is $150. But I’m hopeful that actually signing up for classes will get me going to them.

I have a thing about going to things that are in my calendar and making sure that I get there on time…. Its an OCD thing of mine.

The other one was the uber special, $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga at one (just one!) of our local studios. One of my reverends at church mentioned last night she’d just been to one class and was having an excellent time there, so I figured for $30 you really can’t go wrong. I signed up for a bunch of classes on Saturday morning (a kick start to my day) and in a mixed level class. I can’t actually say how long its been since I’ve been in a regular yoga class, and I’m actually really excited because I’ve always enjoyed it.

If I end up not liking the instructors, I can always stop after two classes, because a drop in is $21 and I’ll have already saved there.

I’m hoping that I didn’t just kill myself money wise (because I still also have to pay my car tax and you know. Eat.)

But ultimately I think it will be a good thing. I’m pretty proud that I signed up for a class today. There is no way I can weasel out of this now is there!

I might not be able to move my body this afternoon. Pray for me.

Wednesday might be my WORST food day

Generally speaking I think I eat pretty healthfully. I eat my fruits and veg, I make sure I have my 8 glasses of water, I take my vitamins and I try not to eat a lot of bad things.

But for some reason Wednesdays are my bad days. I find that I eat more carbs and more fatty foods on Wednesday than on any other day of the week.

And no, it’s not because of this:

So, why is it the worst day you ask? Because its my editorial meeting and youth group.

The editorial meeting means that we order sandwiches from the place across the street and none of the choices are good choices. Not even the salads are good choices. So inevitably I go for the thing I think sound tasty-est. Today it was a Bacon Egg and Cheese on a hard roll. SO GOOD. Today also came with a french fry craving. Epically tasty, not so epic diet wise.

And youth group also usually means carbs. Because for some reason every parent thinks that the simplest thing to make for a group of six middle schoolers and two adults is pasta in some form. Be it with meatballs, meat sauce or in a creamy casserole. Rarely does a salad cross their minds. And if its not the parents making pasta, its the youth minister ordering pizza.

Now I really actually enjoy both of these things. I love getting together with the other members of my editorial team because its the only time in a week that I see them and I like talking shop to someone who actually gets why a drugs bust is so interesting to me. And I love working with the kids at youth group because they’re so much fun and full of joie de vivre. Plus I have a favorite. Which I really shouldn’t but she’s practically mini-me and I love her.

Plus, tonight we (the adults) might be going to the local bar afterward to discuss our woes and be adult like after two hours with pre-teens. Which means beer. Mostly because I’m not sure I trust myself with hard liquor and driving in the snow the strength of the liquor in that bar.

So at the end of today, its likely to have been a carb event. Which never really excites me because I’m more lethargic after a carb day than I am after a day I’ve eaten more roundedly. If that can be a word for a moment.

The worst part is that outside of packing two meals (lunch and dinner because I’m not usually home between my meeting and youth group) I’m not really sure what I can do to make Wednesday’s better for me. Let me know if you think of anything.

Actually, no one tells me anything

So apparently my neighbors are having their annual Christmas party tonight and I was unaware of this before I ordered lunch.

I got a cheese and bacon hot dog. Not exactly WW point friendly, all because I assumed that we might be able to have something light for dinner.

But NO. We are going to a party where the food is going to be little nibbles and booze. Which, as I said earlier today, is an issue for me. appetizer google search

Appetizer type foods are another of my ultimate weakness because I just never know how to count them point wise. And generally speaking they’re just so effing good!

So my problem here is that this appetizer/nibbles/alcohol situation is my dinner tonight. And it’s an ultimate test of my will power and ability to come back from the edge.

I’ve got 10 points left for the day and 41 left for my weekly extras, so I have that to fall back on. But lets keep in mind that I didn’t track the wine I had last night and didn’t track well this week so I probably don’t even have those points to use. And I really wanted them for tomorrow’s dinner. We’re going to Keens!

Another problem I have here is that no one bothers to tell me this kind of thing. I live in the house and they all talk about doing things and then suddenly it comes up in conversation with me and I’m like “WTF?”

To be perfectly honest, I really didn’t want to be with people tonight. I kinda just wanted to read and not do anything.  And you know, not be with people tempting me with all 10 kinds of deliciousness and booze.

This was not something I was anticipating and it really bothers me that no one actually tells me this shit.