Weekly Weigh In: Sorry

OKAY So. Yeah. I’ve been silent the last few weeks. Unsurprisingly, I gained 2.4 pounds since last we spoke, given the dual Thanksgiving dinners, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I think it could have been.

I’ve taken to going to the gym more frequently (Friday/Saturday and this morning) and today I’m detoxing it out. So no caffeine, sugar or carbs at all today. My hope is that I’ll be able to do it with

It shall be a struggle, but I will en-devour not to partake. But I have flavored teas, none of which have sugars pre-added in to them. So this is good for me.

As I weighed myself this morning I had the unfortunate pleasure of looking in the mirror as I did it and it was just not a fun thing for me. I’m not a huge fan of the way my body looks. The whole image of me sans-clothing is not great. I feel like I look much better with clothes on, which is depressing and something that I’m really trying to work with in my mind.

But that said, I’ve also decided that it is a new month, and the start of a new week, so as has become a grand tradition on this blog, I’m starting over. And thats for everything from the diet to my budgeting.

All that said its become very clear to me that I need to have something for myself that isn’t volunteering and that I need someone to talk to that is going to be impartial about me and maybe tell me why I can’t stick with a diet…


Weekly Weigh In: A look ahead

I lost 5.3 pounds this week! Which is so incredibly excellent. I can’t even tell you what it means to me that I’ve lost 7 pounds.


I’m sure a lot of it had to do with the fact that Saturday and Sunday were very active days and that I actually started using the gym. I’ve gone to the gym twice more since Friday, on Saturday morning and this morning, and I’m planning on going a few more times this week. This doesn’t mean I like it, it just means that I recognize the fact that exercise is important. I earned 21 activity points last week!!

That said, I didn’t track well. And this week might not be a whole lot better for me. Mainly because I’m at a conference in from tonight through late Wednesday when I get back home. I’m really excited for the conference, but less excited for the whole disruption to my week. It seriously doesn’t help that I get back, have a day at home during which I have to make like two pies for Sunday and then on Friday I drive a bunch of middle schoolers up to a youth group retreat.

Which should be super fun but its not likely to be the best of food, so when I get home on Sunday I go straight into pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with my fathers side of the family because they’ll all be in town for one momentous meeting. AND THEN I go down to my mothers brother’s house for A SECOND THANKSGIVING on Thanksgiving itself. The next two weeks are going to be crazy busy and thats just my personal life.

My work life is going to be just a bad. So I’m going to be on the look out for potential stress eating and not overdoing it like I have done in Thanksgiving’s past.

It’s going to be a challenge because I legit love Thanksgiving. I’ll write a whole post about it later, but it is seriously my favorite holiday.

But yeah, so that is it I think for today’s update. I’ll try to get one in during the conference and before the retreat.

I still hate exercising

waypointe gym 2

not mine…

I really seriously do. I find nothing fun about it but, after eating all the zeppoli and pizza last night I opted to actually drag myself out of the bed this morning and go to the gym in my building.

waypointe gym 1

It’s an infinity mirror…. its not that big.

And it is actually really nice. And its just downstairs and very open and available at all times and I’m paying for it in my amenities fees… There is absolutely no point in not taking advantage of it. That of course, doesn’t mean I like it.

So this morning, unlike the rest of the week where I woke up at 6 and after spending five minutes trying to convince myself to get out of bed and go to the gym before rolling back over and waiting till my next alarm, I actually got out of bed.

God only knows where I got the strength to do that, but I did it. I got dressed and I still went! Even after I couldn’t find my headphones so that I could listen to music or the TV.

I exercised in silence. Who’s proud of me? I sure as shit am. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical even after at 25 minutes I was like “NOPE NO MORE. I AM DONE” I kept going and finished the 45 minutes that I had put in to do.

Despite all my hopes and desires it was not empty when I got there, there were two other girls in there and about 5 minutes before I left a guy came in to do his thing.

I felt woefully inadequate doing my thing on the elliptical, but better for actually having been there.

All that said, exercise still does not make me happy. But it does make the little green lights on my ActiveLink light up getting me damn close to 100% for the day before 7 a.m. and THAT makes me happy. I reached 1 WW activity point before Noon. So I will take that and run with it.

Though not literally, I hate running.

Oh the ActiveLink…

I’ve finished my, what I’m calling, probationary week on ActiveLink and now I’m getting all the the info about my activity and not just what I do in my sleep.activelinkDid I mention I can wear this thing in bed? It monitors my sleep. I apparently don’t toss and turn as much as I always assumed I did.

Anyway. I’m now on the challenge part of my ActiveLink. It wants me to be earning between 2-4 activity points a day by the end of the 12 week challenge.

I think I can do it? In two weeks I’ll be living in my new apartment with the super nice gym that will be free for me to use at all hours, so that should help with the exercise thing. Mainly because my sister has told me that she’ll kill me if I don’t take advantage of the gym facilities. And honestly, whats the point of paying the amenities fee if I’m not using the amenities?

Other than that, I’ve enjoyed seeing just when and how much I move. Its interesting. The numbers are from just after I got to work and plugged it in to sync, which is why my ‘today’ number is so low. Not that I’m really expecting it to get much higher. There isn’t a lot of movement going on during the course of the day. At least, not big movements.

Part of this is me realizing that I need to really get up and move for at least a few minutes every hour. Which is something that has been told to me on any number of occasions, but its now becoming really clear that I spend most of my day not moving a whole lot.

So yeah. Here’s to moving more. Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.29.18 AM

Endorphins do not make me happy

They do not. Especially ones gained first thing in the morning.

not mine

not mine

I continue to maintain that exercise is evil and generally un fun and would prefer to simply be in bed rather than deal with getting up going on the elliptical and doing that for an hour.

I simply find nothing fun or interesting about that.

Actually, endorphins seem to do the exact opposite for me. I’m actually more cranky now than I might have been had I not exercised this morning. Ugh.


On top of all that, I’ve simply ignored this blog for the last two weeks, and I don’t even have a good excuse for it. It just didn’t happen. Nothing seemed to work whenever I tried to write a post and I’ve been fairly bad about keeping up with dieting and exercising.

Well, I did a free crossfit class on Friday. Never again. I don’t think I drank the koolaid of crossfit during that class. I enjoyed aspects of it, but its not for me. It doesn’t help that my body is still creaking somewhat from the class. If I’m going to be sore after a class I’d like the sore to only last a day, if that.

I may have pushed myself too far, but I’m just not sure.

In other news, I have been wearing my fuelband every day, and I’ve made goal (2500 fuel) a bunch! Not every day, but recently a lot more often than not. So that’s something. I’ll increase the goal when I’m making it every day for a week.

I failed at Lent, mainly because I got a massive stomach bug and my family remedy for this is to have saltines. Which, lets be honest, are God’s gift to mankind They’re wonderful. But that started the downfall into the world of carbs and I haven’t really done anything to fix it.

One of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend and with work going the way it’s been, I’m very much looking forward to having him visit. I’m visiting my other friends in PA the first weekend in April, which is always a fun thing to look forward to.

Beyond that it’s been busy and mostly because of work and thats not actually a good busy.

Anyway. I think thats my update for now. I’ll come back with more later this week.

To the surprise of no one…

I was not as active as I could have been last week since starting to wear the Nike Fuelband.

Week of Feb 17 – 23, 2014

Week of Feb 17 – 23, 2014

The start to this week hasn’t been all that epic either, I’ve actually reduced my goal from 3000 to 2500 ‘fuel’ what ever that is. Saturday and Sunday were an anomaly because it was warm and nice out Saturday and I went to Ikea Sunday for like all day with my mother.

And to clarify, Thursday is when I got the fuelband and wore it in the afternoon. So there is a reason it’s low, damnit.

I feel like this will be slightly more encouraging since it seems to be more attainable for me given my mostly sedentary life. 

But I’ve actually been more cognizant of my non-movement and have been trying to be more active and getting up every hour for a little bit. My car dancing habit has also increased quite a bit.

Anyway, this is all ten kinds of amusing for me. It’s like a game to get to the goal and not making it is kinda sad. What can you do tho? Make sure you move more the next day, which is what I’m trying to do.

It’s good times.

Ask And You Shall Receive…

Nike Fuel Band, charging...

Nike Fuel Band, charging…

A hand-me down Nike Fuelband.

Yes, thats right, yours truly has petitioned her mother for the use (and reformatting) of her Fuelband that hasn’t been used since last year!

I blame the stupid new commercials which seem so clever and tend to actually make me feel like I’m not moving. (Which I’m really not doing a whole lot of.)

But so I went to my mother whilst watching the USA v Canada women’s hockey game (OMG ALL THE FEELS) and one of the stupid Nike commercials came on and I thought to myself – Mom hasn’t used hers in a while, maybe I can reset it so I can use it?

I did my googling thang and found that I can and I can officially say that the fuelband is mine. Well, I say mine, but yeah. So I took it Thursday afternoon and given that I hadn’t done much, I wore it just to see what would happen.

Needless to say I move not a lot.

I’m hoping that this might help me in moving more often, we’ll see though. I just thought it was super cool that I had the opportunity to snag the Fuelband from my mother and use it myself. The whole idea of the fuelband is actually hilarious when you think about it. It’s a glorified pedometer with a thing that Nike created called “fuel” I’m still not even sure what that’s supposed to be, because it seems to register when I move my wrist whilst typing.

Which as we all know is something I do all day and doesn’t take a lot of effort on my part. But, yeah. It’s all a part of my mini goals and such.

Lucky for me the band is kinda cute and it seems like a lot of people are wearing them right now so maybe it won’t look so strange? I donno. We shall see what shall happen moving forward…