Mini Goals, A Continuation

First, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent encouragement’s to me yesterday. It was really lovely to know that I wasn’t the only one in a funk with every thing and it was just really nice in general. So thank you.

I was so far in a funk that I even stopped taking my multi vitamins and other daily nutritional capsules that I’d been taking religiously since I started this. So instead of setting weight goals, I’m going to set mini goals for the next two weeks, because I think that not focusing on the whole picture for once might help me in getting this back on track.

These mini goals include:

  • taking multi vitamins and other capsules (once and twice a day where required)
  • stretching or walking for five minutes every hour (when appropriate)
  • thinking about the food before I pick it up
  • fewer sweet things should make their way into my shopping cart
  • drink more water, less alcohol
  • use the exercise machine at least three times a week (I’m starting small shut up)
  • Track food

Some of these, like the tracking and exercise, are long term mini goals, but I’m trying to change the culture of my life and to do that I’ve realized I can’t just will them to change. Otherwise I’d have willed off the weight ages ago and gotten a raise and found a man and had a baby.

Tragically, life doesn’t work that way. So, I’m re-starting (again) with mini goals and working forward from there.

not mine

not mine

C’est la vie.


A mini tracking goal

I know logically, that tracking works. I do. And since I’m in week three of not loosing (or gaining!) anything, it’s time to start doing something different. 7-Weight-Scale 7-Weight-Scale

Because I’ve been exercising, I’ve made healthier choices (minus the cinnamon pie…) So something has to give.

I need to find the thing that I’m not doing that I should be doing and do it. And I’m pretty sure thats tracking.

But tracking is hard!! It’s all about accountability and I’ve never been very good at that… Excepting this blog, because for some reason I’ve actually being writing here quite frequently and felt pretty good about it.

Still! Tracking is hard and generally un-fun because you watch as that Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich you had for breakfast takes out 13 of your 36 daily points and then you have to re-evaluate what you’re doing for dinner because that sandwich you had at lunch destroyed another 15 points. So you’ve only got 8 points left over and half way through the afternoon you’re a tad peckish but there are no fruits around to satisfy so you have a 3 point bag of chips and then you’re screwed because the family decided to have pizza for dinner. One slice is all you get before you have to dip into those 49 weekly points that you were going to save for Friday night out with the girls.

Essentially I know what I can do to that scenario not happen on a daily basis. I know that I can make better choices and keep fruit on hand so I don’t have chips or crackers mid-day. And it’s not like I’ve been making the bad choices, I’ve eaten pretty heathily this last week, not that I can prove it because I didn’t track, but I did.

Why is it then, that if I track my weight goes down? Is it that hyper awareness of what you’re eating? I don’t really know. And honestly, I’d kind of like to.

But until some one explains it, I guess I’ll stick with it just works so just do it for now.

A Planned New Year’s Eve



A most happy New Year’s Eve to everyone!! I hope you’re all planning on having a lovely day and an even more lovely night with your loved ones at midnight!

Today, I’m working till about 3 p.m. and then I’m going to figure out how to celebrate with food and champagne without over doing it on the points!

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be just me and my brother, so I can cook pretty much anything, but in light of my recent uber gain, I’m going to cut back on the fatty foods and keep it light on the carbs. So I’ve been trying to plan this out since last night and I’m not sure I’ve gotten anywhere yet. I might end up going to Whole Foods and getting some pre-prepped fist cutlets and having that as my main with some veg on the side. Then I can save my points for the bottle of champagne I plan to drink by myself.

Either way the plan is to be good about my foods. I had a salad yesterday that was 15 points! Mainly because of the cheese and the almonds! Clearly those need to be taken out of the salad to make it better for me to eat. Or at least better point wise. Because it was really good!

So basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to be better about planning my days out and not just binging on foods.

Like yesterday I planned my day, including dinner, at about noon and realized I had about 9 points to spend on extra stuff, which included a Weight Watchers chocolate shake (which I need more of) and I made individual chocolate puddings for the next few days, which are only 2 points each.

But yes. I’m planning out now. At least I’m trying to.

Happy New Year to that!

Eating Mindfully, The Struggle

I mindfully know what I eat all the time. You know, except when I’m binge snacking or watching TV eating breakfast/lunch/dinner. Or you know when I’m ‘hungry’ and I graze in front of the refrigerator for 5 or so minutes.

I’m mindful that I’m putting stuff into my body in the way that I’m not 100% I actually know what I’m putting into my mouth kind of way. Which, in all honesty, is not the best thing in the world.

Part of my goal this year is to begin to think more about what I’m putting into my body, and I’m planning on accomplishing that by paying more attention. The problem is mostly that I’m not paying attention, not really. I know what I’m eating, but how am I eating it? Am I just shoveling it on in there with barely room for a breath? Or am I just popping it on in there without thinking?

I do the latter with pomegranates. Which aren’t bad for you. At least not in moderation. I tend to sit there, after I’ve opened and gotten every last pip out, and just eat them like one would eat popcorn. In ones and twos as well as whole handfuls. I eat them while I’m working, watching TV or talking with  people. It’s unattractive and I’m not really enjoying the pomegranate.

So yes. My goal is to really enjoy the food I’m eating. To slow down and pay attention to how I eat.

eating mindfully cover I picked up this book a few years ago and read it cover to cover when I first got it. At that moment in my life I was really into Buddhism and meditation and yoga (all of which I still enjoy, but not quite as intensely) and mindful eating was a huge thing with my teachers. Particularly for me.

Yes, even my Buddhism teacher judged me on my weight. It was a glorious thing to realize.

Even so, I picked up this book and read it and it really did help. I thought more about what I was doing (for a while) and I didn’t just shove food into my mouth with out waiting to breath. I took time eating and I really thought about it.

One day my teacher took the class out to dinner and we were told that the meal would be silent after we ordered our food and drinks and that this was an exercise in silence and in mindful eating. It was an interesting experience, perhaps not one I’d do again, but then I’m generally a chatty person. But I really did focus on taking one bite putting my fork down and waiting till I’d chewed before cutting a next bite.

I’m writing about this because its something I honestly think will help with my weight loss battle, but could also prove useful to others. Our society is as food driven as it is skinny driven and having all that rich food and take out and pizza generally doesn’t help us in the skinny department.

So my goal this week, in this week of holiday eating and revelry, is to slowly consume the delicious foods that will be put in front of me. To enjoy them and the company while remembering that food isn’t a race (unless you eat competitively in which case mindful eating really isn’t for you).

And thus continues the battle. Especially this week. Good luck all!