Can I gush for a moment?

Oh good. Now before I start I do not work for Weight Watchers, nor am I being paid by them to say this stuff. I’m not even a very good member, I don’t go to weekly meetings and as it’s been stated several times in this blog, I don’t track well.

opening screen, wwBut omg the new updated app is moderately fantastic. I love it so much. I don’t know when it updated like this and I don’t really care because  I’m just so happy it did update!

When the app opens it says, “Oh, hello again” which I couldn’t get a screen shot of because it was too fast, so I can’t share that lovely bit with you.

But honestly, it  just looks so much cleaner and stream lined. I kinda squeed when I opened it last week.

It was decent before, but this is just so much better. It’s easier to use and to add things into the tracker. AND now I don’t  have to have a separate app for the scanner feature. It’s right there in the regular app!

It makes me so happy.

Plus the tracker is just simpler to use now. I’ve clearly decided to not use the Lose It! app the way I thought I the ww trackerwas going to, given that I’ve used it once and haven’t looked at it since.

So, I’m sticking with Weight Watchers. Maybe its just because I’m familiar with it or something, but I generally like the way Weight Watchers does things. I like that fresh fruits and vegetables don’t ‘cost’ any points and that I can eat pretty much all of them with out feeling guilty for it.

I know that going to the meetings is supposed to be better than going it alone, but I’m honestly not in the position to pay for that right now. It costs $40 a month to go to the meetings and get access to the online/app stuff, where as I’m paying $19 a month just for the online stuff.

It’s cheaper and I’m hoping that, along with the blog, I’ll be good at keeping on program.

Of course, I’d be doing better if I started tracking religiously wouldn’t I? And you know… exercising…