‘Tis All Hallows Eve!

I hope your house didn’t get trashed during mischief night last night… If it did. I’m so sorry.

I carved my pIMG_3295umpkins last night, which was hilariously awesome. I generally really enjoyed that part of it. I usually do some abstract faces but this year I went with Starry Night and a Haunted House.


The house was actually the first one like that I’ve ever done! And it was mostly freehand. I mean, I drew the house on the pumpkin beforehand, but I drew the house, I didn’t use a stencil. So I’m pretty pleased. Though I did learn a valuable bit of info lat night, if one has small bits in ones large pumpkin carving one should cut the small bits out first…

I had to reinforce a few places with toothpicks… But whatever! I had fun doing it. While I did this, I was saving my pumpkin seeds, because I love roasted pumpkin seeds. However, I have since learned that 1 cup of pumpkin seeds, roasted with no oils or anything added is like 7 points!

To be fair, a 1/3 cup is only 2, and that’s all I brought to the office, but still. It makes me cranky that my seeds cost points. There I was thinking I was clever when really I was adding points to my day!

Regardless, its Halloween and that means candy.IMG_3299

And for me tonight, a party. But I’ll be driving about a half hour to get home so there won’t be a lot of drinking for me, if any at all. Because it’s a party where I literally know no one but my friend who invited me so that she wouldn’t feel so alone… So it should be interesting…

Despite the holiday celebrations this week I’ve been pretty good! And my weekend is pretty clear of heavy food things so I’m hopeful that I’ll have a good result on the scale next week!


One thought on “‘Tis All Hallows Eve!

  1. Love the pumpkins – they look great! And who knew little innocent pumpkin seeds would cost so much points-wise? I hope you had fun at your party, despite not knowing anyone!

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