Pomegranates, My One True Fruit

Early this week I had a feeling. A niggling feeling that something great would happen if I went to the grocery store. Not Trader Joes. But a full on grocery store. And so I went. I took myself across traffic and into the giant mega store and wandered into the produce section.

And there they were. My most favorite fruit in the whole world, waiting for me to take them home: Pomegranates. Beautiful ruby red pomegranates, perfectly ripe and ready for consumption.

I first had a pomegranate in my sophomore year of college when a professor brought one in for us to try and then write a short story about. My short story didn’t go anywhere, but my love of the seasonal fruit flew off the rail.

From then on, every year during pomegranate season I head to the grocery store produce section and buy the delicious fruits to nom on. And I tend to eat one a day, all by myself when I can get them en masse at the store. It doesn’t even break the bank for me, I can generally find them on sale at 2 for $5.

Now, the season is typically from September through May (with a crossover from the hemisphere) but this year, the northern hemisphere was a bit off so it was delayed a little. And generally speaking, one shouldn’t buy pomegranates out of season, they’re tart and not as ruby as they are during the season. The POM juice is fine if you’re like me and craving, but I learned long ago that the pre-packaged seeds are really not great, even in season.

At first, I was just eating them because they were tasty, but as time went on and I realized that I needed to take control of my weight I realized some very important things about my favorite fruit.IMG_3272

  1. It’s full of fiber, and therefore makes you fuller and not eat quite as much (especially if you eat the whole seed)
  2. Huge immunity boost, one fruit is 40 percent of your vitamin C for the day
  3. They can help lower blood pressure
  4. Major antioxidant game

Here’s something else – it satisfies my need for crunch and sweet at the same time.

Which for me is huge. Getting those two together takes a lot of things that I would normally snack on and throws them out the window. Like carbs.

Also, it slows me down. To take all the seeds out and really work at not squishing all of them it take some time! I generally spend 20 minutes peeling and taking out the seeds so that I can get as many whole ones into the bowl as possible.

The fruit is zero points on Weight Watchers, so you can eat a whole one with immunity and not worry about your points. But if you go for the POM juice, which I do (I like it with seltzer) it’ll cost you some. It’s 4 points for 8 oz.

I’ll generally mix in a 1/4 cup of POM to a cup of seltzer and that tends to cut the tartness of the POM and is only 1 point, so I can make those expensive little bottles last longer.


3 thoughts on “Pomegranates, My One True Fruit

    • It was such a great realization for me when I realized just how good they were for you! I felt like it was approval for every time I’ve eaten two pomegranates in one sitting…

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    I love pomegranates, too. They’re well worth the time it takes to extract them. Nothing quite says fall and winter like pomegranates and chestnuts. Yum!

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