Oh the ActiveLink…

I’ve finished my, what I’m calling, probationary week on ActiveLink and now I’m getting all the the info about my activity and not just what I do in my sleep.activelinkDid I mention I can wear this thing in bed? It monitors my sleep. I apparently don’t toss and turn as much as I always assumed I did.

Anyway. I’m now on the challenge part of my ActiveLink. It wants me to be earning between 2-4 activity points a day by the end of the 12 week challenge.

I think I can do it? In two weeks I’ll be living in my new apartment with the super nice gym that will be free for me to use at all hours, so that should help with the exercise thing. Mainly because my sister has told me that she’ll kill me if I don’t take advantage of the gym facilities. And honestly, whats the point of paying the amenities fee if I’m not using the amenities?

Other than that, I’ve enjoyed seeing just when and how much I move. Its interesting. The numbers are from just after I got to work and plugged it in to sync, which is why my ‘today’ number is so low. Not that I’m really expecting it to get much higher. There isn’t a lot of movement going on during the course of the day. At least, not big movements.

Part of this is me realizing that I need to really get up and move for at least a few minutes every hour. Which is something that has been told to me on any number of occasions, but its now becoming really clear that I spend most of my day not moving a whole lot.

So yeah. Here’s to moving more. Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.29.18 AM