A Tiny Loss, But A Great Weekend

I know what you’ll all say. There is no such thing as a tiny loss, only tiny thinking. Or something along those lines.

Regardless, I lost 1 pound this past week. I’m sure, actually, that its more, but I maybe didn’t exactly weigh myself last Monday when I started…

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.25.29 AM

I just guestimated at a starting weight of 250. So I’m just happy to have moved down below that.

That said, I was really good last week! I had planned lunches every day that I brought to work with lots of fruits and pre-packaged carbs and a sandwich that I had put together on those Arnolds Sandwich Thins (WW 3). I didn’t have a lot of sweets and I really tracked well.

Until Friday. Friday I went off the rails and had a lot of polenta for dinner and then ate too many of the WW candies and then decided it was going to be a brilliant idea to put nutella on two pieces of toast. Whole Grain Toast, but toast all the same. Plus, you remember that Morning Cake? I ate the Morning Cake.

And then Saturday. Oh Saturday. Let me share with you. I went into NYC for the day to hang out with some friends. And I ended up making a pb&j for breakfast (which I didn’t track) and then pretty much nothing else until lunch. Which we ate at like 3 p.m.

Let me share this lunch with you. We went to a very small restaurant called Rubirosa on Mulberry St. And holy God that meal was a religious experience.

We started with arrancini, or fried balls of risotto. And wine. The wine was key. (Over the course of the meal, we all had two glasses of their house red and it was fantastic.)

After that we had pasta dishes. Here is a photo of mine


This beauty is their Spaghetti a la Carbonara with a poached egg and pancetta. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. That was amazing. I just didn’t even think about this points when I was eating this. I just devoured it. Because it was so freaking good.

Naturally, nothing could complete this meal like dessert.


OH yeah. I went with cannoli. And let me tell you something. I devoured all three of those and I feel no guilt at all. None. Because they were wonderful.

This whole meal was so worth the price tag (I can’t even) and I had such a great time catching up with my friends so I honestly feel like it was totally well worth it.

Then Sunday. Which honestly wasn’t so bad. I didn’t really do too much that was bad, except dinner. Where I had pizza.

In all, it was worth only loosing 1 pound because I got to spend time with my friends. Although, I probably should have just been stronger on Friday night and Sunday night…

But! I still lost, and every week is a new week so hopefully this week will be better.

Today we’re going to Ikea to shop for my apartment that I’m moving into in November. So I’m thinking maybe not the Swedish Meatballs?