WTF Panera


This beautiful monstrosity of a thing they dare to call a muffin is what I shall hence worth call “Morning Cake”.

This thing is Panera’s Apple Crunch Muffin and it is 12 Weight Watchers points.

Why do I have it you ask? Well, I went in to Panera this morning for breakfast, the very healthy breakfast of roast turkey, egg white and spinach bowl. Which might I add is ONLY 5 POINTS.

But as I’m paying for my breakfast and coffee the cashier says to me, “Oh. You have a free birthday pastry.” I said, “Um. Okay?” And off she goes to pick something out for me and I go “I guess the Apple?” not really thinking about it.

So now, here I am with a muffin that is worth my entire lunch plan and its sitting in my little cube, taunting me. I can smell it. And I want it. But I had oreos last night at Youth Group and I’m not exactly sure I can justify eating even half of this muffin. Or if I’d be able to stop myself from eating more than half.

I mean I tracked the whole muffin. The 12 points are in my food diary for the day, so its there in case I do end up eating the whole thing. But what I want to be able to do is at the end of the day either delete the muffin from the diary or cut the muffins in half.

Hence why I’m posting this. I need it to be known that the Morning Cake exists in my possession and that I’m trying to be very good about not eating it.

Also, it would be great if other people have had the problem of ‘free’ pastry shoved on to them by Panera so that I don’t feel like a looby for taking the muffin.