I am a miserable blogger

Seriously though. I pretty much suck at this. I’m not really sure why either. It’s not like I’m not a the computer every day for hours on end or anything.

But here we are again. Months later after no posts. I feel silly, but what can you do at this point.

Just to be clear, I’m so not making my original goal from last year. Which is okay, because I’m learning to go with the flow and understand not everything works out. Most of this is my own fault, which I do actually understand. I got thrown off the horse and never really got back up.

What happened to make me really come back to this was last week. In September I started a new job with my family’s company. And last week we opened a new plant and despite my best efforts I was in a few photos. I was able to look at the photos over the weekend and it brought me to a screeching halt. I didn’t look good.

Now that’s not to say I didn’t look cute. Because I had my make up on and nice clothes on, but I’m a little… larger than I used to be in photos. And that wasn’t a happy feeling for me to realize.

So, yesterday I made the decision. I was going to start making food to bring to the office for lunch and I’m going to be healthier about it. And this morning, I joined Weight Watchers again. Because it’s something I know works and I know I can keep up with when I put my mind to it.

I’m also coming back to doing this at least once every week, because I know that its a good thing for me to do and a place where I can vent and share like I might at a WW meeting (because I’m not paying for that on WW).

Because damn, I did not like looking at those photos of me.