There have been some complications

Right. So. I followed the Fast Metabolism diet very well for the first week and lost eight pounds. Thats a yay.

Then I stopped really paying attention and didn’t lose, but I didn’t gain either. Also a yay.

But then I went to Martha’s Vineyard for a few days and that pretty much ruined everything. But not everything, because I only gained back five of the pounds that I lost.

More yay things!

so not my gif

so not my gif


Now however, I’m starting over, but this time with my mother on hand to do the diet with me.

Which honestly, makes it so much easier because now I’m not the only one worried about certain foods (like bread) and its less likely that the ‘bad’ foods won’t make it into the house.

So these are all good things, and I’m generally happy with it. Except, I’ve just had a few major things piled onto my lap, job wise, and it’s freaking me out a little.

There is a serious possibility that I might be jumping to a completely new type of job and creating the position for the company from the ground up. Mind, I’ve never actually done what it is they would be hiring me to do.Hence the freak out.

What this means for me though, is that I want all the fatty, sugary and ‘bad for me’ foods in existence to help me get through this so that I don’t freak out anymore. Other wise known as stress eating, which is something I’m very good at.

This of course, isn’t going to happen now that my mother is on the diet with me and has basically stated that the whole house will be on the same diet. None of this is fun time.

Complications like stress never factor well into my dieting process. I just want a chocolate bar.


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