In Which Teenagers Have More Self Control

And the two kids are 11 and 14 and super easy, I’m very lucky. But they both happen to be in the youth group that I work with, so we’re all giving something up for Lent and it’s been interesting since we’ve all given up something that requires will power. Carbs, sweets, swearing. You know. The normal stuff.

The 11 year old gave up swearing. I told  him he wasn’t old enough to be swearing that much. He said he swears two sometimes three times a day. I laughed and said good luck stopping.

Anyway. Last night I was taking them to their Uncles house for the weekend (I’m still dog sitting) and we stopped at Five Guys for dinner.

If you don’t know what Five Guys is, its a burger and fries joint and basically nothing else. They have some other things but really you go there for the burgers and fries.

I went to start eating the cheeseburger with onions that I had gotten when I hear “No! Stop!” I started and looked at the 14 year old. She was looking at me in horror. “You were going to eat the bun!”

Ugh. I was really hopping she wasn’t going to notice that.

But, I dutifully took the bun off, grabbed a fork and a knife and looked expectantly at the teenager and said “Happy?”

“You’d have been un happy later. And I’d have told the [youth leader] and then he would have given  you the disapproving look.”

I groaned.  She’s right. He would give me The Look and I’d have felt guilty and bad about life.

The meal continued with the 11 year old taking my bun and making a french fries sandwich (ew and by ew I mean I wanted the carbs) and I was told by the 11 year old that if I felt like eating carbs while they were at their uncles house I was to text him and he would talk me out of it.

Oh this is my life.

Having the two of them with me for the first week of Lent has been helpful, because they’re totally committed to helping me not eat carbs. Which is really sweet, I think by the time I leave on Tuesday I should be in the  “I’m really good not eating carbs” stage.

God willing…


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