Endorphins do not make me happy

They do not. Especially ones gained first thing in the morning.

not mine

not mine

I continue to maintain that exercise is evil and generally un fun and would prefer to simply be in bed rather than deal with getting up going on the elliptical and doing that for an hour.

I simply find nothing fun or interesting about that.

Actually, endorphins seem to do the exact opposite for me. I’m actually more cranky now than I might have been had I not exercised this morning. Ugh.


On top of all that, I’ve simply ignored this blog for the last two weeks, and I don’t even have a good excuse for it. It just didn’t happen. Nothing seemed to work whenever I tried to write a post and I’ve been fairly bad about keeping up with dieting and exercising.

Well, I did a free crossfit class on Friday. Never again. I don’t think I drank the koolaid of crossfit during that class. I enjoyed aspects of it, but its not for me. It doesn’t help that my body is still creaking somewhat from the class. If I’m going to be sore after a class I’d like the sore to only last a day, if that.

I may have pushed myself too far, but I’m just not sure.

In other news, I have been wearing my fuelband every day, and I’ve made goal (2500 fuel) a bunch! Not every day, but recently a lot more often than not. So that’s something. I’ll increase the goal when I’m making it every day for a week.

I failed at Lent, mainly because I got a massive stomach bug and my family remedy for this is to have saltines. Which, lets be honest, are God’s gift to mankind They’re wonderful. But that started the downfall into the world of carbs and I haven’t really done anything to fix it.

One of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend and with work going the way it’s been, I’m very much looking forward to having him visit. I’m visiting my other friends in PA the first weekend in April, which is always a fun thing to look forward to.

Beyond that it’s been busy and mostly because of work and thats not actually a good busy.

Anyway. I think thats my update for now. I’ll come back with more later this week.


In Which Teenagers Have More Self Control

And the two kids are 11 and 14 and super easy, I’m very lucky. But they both happen to be in the youth group that I work with, so we’re all giving something up for Lent and it’s been interesting since we’ve all given up something that requires will power. Carbs, sweets, swearing. You know. The normal stuff.

The 11 year old gave up swearing. I told  him he wasn’t old enough to be swearing that much. He said he swears two sometimes three times a day. I laughed and said good luck stopping.

Anyway. Last night I was taking them to their Uncles house for the weekend (I’m still dog sitting) and we stopped at Five Guys for dinner.

If you don’t know what Five Guys is, its a burger and fries joint and basically nothing else. They have some other things but really you go there for the burgers and fries.

I went to start eating the cheeseburger with onions that I had gotten when I hear “No! Stop!” I started and looked at the 14 year old. She was looking at me in horror. “You were going to eat the bun!”

Ugh. I was really hopping she wasn’t going to notice that.

But, I dutifully took the bun off, grabbed a fork and a knife and looked expectantly at the teenager and said “Happy?”

“You’d have been un happy later. And I’d have told the [youth leader] and then he would have given  you the disapproving look.”

I groaned.  She’s right. He would give me The Look and I’d have felt guilty and bad about life.

The meal continued with the 11 year old taking my bun and making a french fries sandwich (ew and by ew I mean I wanted the carbs) and I was told by the 11 year old that if I felt like eating carbs while they were at their uncles house I was to text him and he would talk me out of it.

Oh this is my life.

Having the two of them with me for the first week of Lent has been helpful, because they’re totally committed to helping me not eat carbs. Which is really sweet, I think by the time I leave on Tuesday I should be in the  “I’m really good not eating carbs” stage.

God willing…

Making Ones Own Vanilla

I’ve taken to making my own vanilla for many reasons: It tastes better and I know what is in it. Which is generally vodka and vanilla beans.



Here is what you need:

Vanilla Beans – which can be purchased at most places, these I got from my local Costco. I like them because they’re good quality and cheap.

Vodka – it should really just be plain, clear vodka of any brand. You can get the little bottles and they last a long time. I’m making two this time around because I’m foreseeing a lot of baking in my future post Easter, and I’m not a huge fan of how my experiment with bourbon and rum went….

Be careful!

Be careful!

After all that take the vanilla beans out, I had four so two for each bottle and then cut them in half horizontally and then carefully split the bean in half with out actually cutting all the way through. You want the pod to be open so the vanilla can percolate in the vodka and do it’s thang.

You should end up having four split halves per bottle you’re making.



Once you’ve slit them put them into the bottles! Be careful though, because unless they’re not totally full when you get them, you might get a little overflow. So I’d suggest taking some vodka out before putting the pods in there and then re-filling if necessary or desired.

Last step...

Last step…

Last but not least, make sure you hid those suckers in a dark place for like a month or more if possible I use my families  pantry closet for this. Check on it over time and shake it up so the beans continue to percolate around the vodka. The liquid will get darker over time and start to smell like you think vanilla extract should smell.

After a month, it’ll be fine to use and will work just like regular vanilla! But I’ve taken to leaving the pods in the bottle so that even when you’re not  using it, the vanilla is still getting that flavoring from the pods.

And there you are! Homemade vanilla! I’m going to put up a thing about how to make your own flavored olive oils soon as well, so keep an eye out for that!

I don’t know what carbs are

Okay, so I do know what carbs are, and I can generally pick out the major ones: bread, pasta, rice, bread…

via howtopaleodiet.com

via howtopaleodiet.com

But past that I’m really at a loss. I realized over the course of  yesterday that the concept of giving up carbs is much more complicated than previously considered. I’m having some concerns about this. Is it like going gluten free? Can I have bread-like products but only if they’re gluten free?

Or is it just all things that are carbohydrates get cut out? Because that includes some fruits and vegetables which would be all kinds of confusing. I just don’t know! It’s an issue.

When I told my mom I was giving up carbs for Lent she was like:

Mom: Carbs is a good thing to give up. I am not sure I could do it. Six weeks no pasta no bread.

Me: Yup. I’m not really sure what a carb is in this situation tho.

Mom: Oh, you better figure it out. You can set your own parameters.

Which was of course, very un-helpful. Though I suppose she just means I can just pick what main carbs to not eat? Again, I have no idea.

But I guess for now, I’ll stick with bread, pasta, beer and white rice (the biggies) until I can figure it out with more clarity.

I didn’t think this would be so hard when I decided to pick it to give up for Lent!!

The Lenten Season

Ah yes, it’s that time of the year when many Christians bring up that annoying phrase: “I can’t, I gave it up for Lent.”

lent ecard


I will be joining those annoying people, by giving up carbs for most of the 40 days of Lent.

I say most. A friend of mine is coming up to visit and we’ve planned on going to this local brewery for a tour and well yeah. I’m allowing myself one day of beer and other carbs so that I can enjoy my friend being there with out making him worry about me not being able to taste with him.

Other than that I will be strong! No carb will pass my lips! I had my pancakes on Tuesday and I will have no more of that.

I’ve been binge eating so badly recently that this is a necessary evil for me. No carbs. I will do this. It will happen. Or at least I’m going to try to be very very good.

Also a part of my Lenten promises will be to exercise every day for at least 15 minutes a day and to track everything I eat with out fail.

This is hard for me because I’ve never been particularly good at keeping my Lent promises, but I figure with all the work I’m currently doing within my church, I should at least try to be better at it this year.

Anyway, this is me, putting it out there. Let’s see what happens.