Recipe: Cinnamon Pie

I’m having a serious issue with Cinnamon pie of late. I’m not 100% sure how it happened but I’ve been craving it for the past few weeks. In case you missed it, last Friday I had a booze inspired moment and made one.

Cinnamon pie in the oven!

Cinnamon pie in the oven!

Like most pies, this one isn’t all that great for you. But I ignore that because, well. PIE. I love pie.

I was initially inspired to make pie after watching the Psych episode, Dual Spires, and have loved the custardy pie ever since. Find below the recipe that I have found works best.

Cinnamon Pie 

Serves 8, Weight Watchers Points per serving  8. 

Ingredients –

  • 1 1/2 c milk (if you use less than whole milk it doesn’t change the point value I don’t know why.)
  • 1 egg, beaten intensely
  • 2 tbsp butter, melted down
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 c white sugar
  • 2 tbsp all purpose flour
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon, plus extra for dusting (OK, I will admit here that I’m heavy handed with the cinnamon, you can decrease to 1 tsp, but not much less.)
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 pre-made pie crust


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Mix together the dry ingredients.
  3. Add in the butter and vanilla, mix well.
  4. Add in about 1/2 cup of the milk to start and once the mixture is more liquid than solid, add in the rest.
  5. Roll out the pie crust and put it into a glass pie pan. Make pretty decorations with the crust on the outside.
  6. Put the liquid into the crust. Sprinkle the extra cinnamon onto the crust and top of the pie for extra cinnamony flavors.
  7. By this point your oven should be heated! Put the pie in and cook for 15 minutes then decrease the heat to 375 and cook for another 45 minutes.
  8. Once its finished, take it out. IT WILL STILL LOOK LIQUIDY DON’T WORRY. It’s a custard base pie, so until it’s totally cool it’s likely to still look liquidy in the center. It’ll take around 20 minutes for it to cool and then you can put it into the fridge to set completely, or you can it eat then.
  9. Enjoy by itself or with whipped cream or ice cream. (I eat it straight out of the pan on a knife. I walk on the wild side for pie.)

Let me know if you try it and what you think!


The Craving: A Stress Eating Story

This is a problem that I have, and of course today is Wednesday so everything is just slightly worse. Over the past two days,  due to mostly work related stress, I’m having seriously big “eat my feels” moments. Which generally speaking is a bad thing.

None of which is helped by the fact that it’s effing Wednesday, which as we all know is my worst day for foods.

I had a pretty decent breakfast, and generally avoided foods that were going to take me down a bad path, but then I had THE CRAVING.

I went into the kitchen to look for my normal go-to craving stopper, clementines only THERE WERE NO CLEMENTINES IN SIGHT. This is a problem. Because I wanted something sweet for which to satisfy my craving and those usually do it.

But with no clementines I had to go searching. I didn’t have a lot of time before I had to leave to go to my weekly meeting and I wanted something fast to hold me. And then I remembered: There was the last piece of cinnamon pie in the fridge. I ate it in seconds.

Then I tracked it (because its my mini goal this week).

Only problem: It did not satisfy my craving for long. Which can only mean bad things for later tonight. I’m seeing chocolate chip cookies or some other kind of sweet thing in my future along with the inevitable pasta dinner that is being prepared this evening for youth group.

Meanwhile, the trailer for The Fault In Our Stars came out. And if that just didn’t make me want chocolate and a glass of wine nothing does.

Lucky for me there exists nothing edible in my office. I was stuck with just the sandwich I had for lunch (sans fries – I was in a good place when I ordered) and tea.

But I’m still craving and I’m still stressed. I can’t even go to a barre class tonight to work it off like I did last night (which was an excellent plan btw). I’m tired and stressed out about the never ending list of things to do that just keeps getting stuff added to.

I want chocolate and I want it now. I want bread and carbs and sweet things. But I can’t. And it’s exhausting.

I need something that will fill the craving with out taking away too many points.

Clearly, I need to get like four boxes of clementines on the way home…

The Body Mass Index

I’m not actually a huge fan of BMI numbers because they simply serve to make me feel bad about myself, but every so often I get curious as to what mine is according to the newest data and I generally hate myself for looking.

My BMI....

My BMI….

Here is my problem.

I don’t actually feel severely obese. I don’t feel like I look severely obese. I mean I feel fat sometimes, but I’m not obese. Not even my doctor said that I’m severely obese, and frankly I trust her more than this website calculator.

It makes me angry that these things exist because it makes those of us who need to shed a few pounds feel that we’re worse off than we actually are.

I cannot be alone in thinking that severely obese means 700 pounds and unable to move short distances with out possibly having a coronary.

Why is a 37.9 severely obese? I mean even when drop to my goal weight of 170, according to the BMI I’m still overweight. I would have to drop to 150 to get into the ‘normal’ weight range for my height, but at that weight I feel like I would look emaciated. But my family is historically ‘big boned’ and generally un-tiny.

This whole things bothers me intensely and I can’t see the benefit of focusing on the BMI. I only even looked this up today because I got a “top 6 ways to lose weight” from one of the web-zines I follow and I, being a masochist, decided to check out my BMI like they suggested.

Can some one explain to me the benefits of looking at BMI when everybody’s body is different and works differently? Because I can’t see it.

A mini tracking goal

I know logically, that tracking works. I do. And since I’m in week three of not loosing (or gaining!) anything, it’s time to start doing something different. 7-Weight-Scale 7-Weight-Scale

Because I’ve been exercising, I’ve made healthier choices (minus the cinnamon pie…) So something has to give.

I need to find the thing that I’m not doing that I should be doing and do it. And I’m pretty sure thats tracking.

But tracking is hard!! It’s all about accountability and I’ve never been very good at that… Excepting this blog, because for some reason I’ve actually being writing here quite frequently and felt pretty good about it.

Still! Tracking is hard and generally un-fun because you watch as that Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich you had for breakfast takes out 13 of your 36 daily points and then you have to re-evaluate what you’re doing for dinner because that sandwich you had at lunch destroyed another 15 points. So you’ve only got 8 points left over and half way through the afternoon you’re a tad peckish but there are no fruits around to satisfy so you have a 3 point bag of chips and then you’re screwed because the family decided to have pizza for dinner. One slice is all you get before you have to dip into those 49 weekly points that you were going to save for Friday night out with the girls.

Essentially I know what I can do to that scenario not happen on a daily basis. I know that I can make better choices and keep fruit on hand so I don’t have chips or crackers mid-day. And it’s not like I’ve been making the bad choices, I’ve eaten pretty heathily this last week, not that I can prove it because I didn’t track, but I did.

Why is it then, that if I track my weight goes down? Is it that hyper awareness of what you’re eating? I don’t really know. And honestly, I’d kind of like to.

But until some one explains it, I guess I’ll stick with it just works so just do it for now.

Re: Cinnamon Pie and Temptation

OMG Cinnamon pie

OMG Cinnamon pie

OK. So. If you missed it, I got a little tipsy Friday night and made Cinnamon pie. A whole effing pie. And it’s delicious and I love it. All while watching (on repeat) The Dual Spires episode of Psych.

Meanwhile, I’m impressed with myself. Because not only did I not devour the whole thing that night, I only had one slice Saturday and nothing since! Yay for avoiding temptation!

That I gave into briefly this morning at church… Damn little cinnamon frosted goodness things and pound cake! I didn’t eat many, only two of the cinnamon things and three half pieces of pound cake.

Which in retrospective is a lot…  Damn.


I got to cover a chocolate expo today. And I resisted all but the tiniest pieces of rum cake that was practically shoved at me. (It was really good) But seriously. I’m really impressed with myself and not attacking every little sample that was available to me at this thing.

It helped, I think, that the place was so crowded it was hard to even get at some of the samples, but still. If I’d wanted to I could have pushed in and gotten something. But I didn’t.

So, I’m counting this as a victory. Yay me!

Other than that, I had three consecutive days of going to exercise class. I didn’t go to one today (Sunday) because all the classes are basically offered during church so… I skipped it today. But not so tomorrow!  I go back to class tomorrow afternoon and I’ve already scheduled a bunch of other classes. This is really big for me. I’m not really used to exercising this much and I think its helping.

We’ll find out tomorrow. It could be good.

Just as long as I don’t eat a lot of my mothers beef stew tonight…

Oh food. Why you kill me with goodness?