‘Good’ Food vs. ‘Good For You’ Food

When I was typing up my post about Christmas dinner I realized that I kept typing ‘good’ and then I would change to it ‘high fat’ or ‘high calorie’. This is sad to me. When did ‘good’ food become food that we associate with high fat and calories?

home made pizza

Dad made this pizza over the summer. Excellent product as he would say!

If I’m being honest, when I talk about ‘good’ food it is  food that was cooked in real butter or with heavy cream and cheese or high fat content meats. Which seems strange to me because I’ve definitely cooked and had great

meals where the food wasn’t covered in butter or a cream sauce and wasn’t perfectly marbled steak.

So when did vegetables and lighter meals become meals that are ‘just fine’?

I worry about shit like this now that I’m really focusing on writing this blog and being better at keeping up with my tracking and weight loss. This is this the stuff that I think about.

This is a problem for me I think. I’ve got to start thinking other ways. I have to reconstruct my  way of thinking about food so that I can move forward in my weight loss goals.

When did that happen? When did foods that are bad for us become the good foods? Is this just an American thing? No. I’ve lived abroad and the same thing happens there – perhaps not to the same extent (we are the fattest country in the world) but those fried foods and beer and carbo-loaded foods are present there and are the ‘good’ foods there too. I’m not sure this past week has been really good for me – my friend convinced me to stay over for her birthday dinner which was deep fried chicken fingers and cookies and trifle and beer and my step-grandmother took my family out to Chinese. All of which are meals I would consider to be ‘good’. But they’re deep fried, cooked in heavy cream sauces have loads of carbs and are generally ‘bad for you’ foods.

How do we then change our thought process? Can we change our thoughts? Deep frying things has become

Found these excellent heirlooms! So good! I don’t even like tomatoes…

and art form for some people. I mean, come on, there is a TV show called “Deep Fried Masters”.

So those are the ‘good’ foods. But what about the ‘good for you’ foods – the lean meats and fish and vegetables and whole grains. Why aren’t these ‘good’ foods?

I mean we eat things like carrots in public and inevitably have to justify them to someone who wonders why we aren’t eating a normal snack food. We have to say ‘oh we’re trying to be healthy’ or ‘I just like carrots okay?’

How did that even happen? It boggles my mind honestly.

But on the opposite side, we also have to justify why we’re eating the ‘bad’ snacks. So it’s a double edged sword.

Either way we have to justify our food choices, which is exhausting and not healthy for us.

I’ve gone off topic a bit… sorry.

In all honesty though. How do we move forward in our weight loss if we can’t distinguish the difference between ‘good’ food and ‘good for you’ food. And where do we go if we have to justify our choices in either direction? I’m tired of it.

Can food just be good and bad? Apparently not according to society, thanks society.


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